Price Display Change for Welcart

Wordpress Plugin Name (プラグイン名)

Price Display Change for Welcart

Welcart e-Commerce専用のプラグインです。Welcartを有効した場合のみ使用できます。


price-display-wを有効にするとメニュー『Welcart Shop』に『価格表示変更』が追加されます。

This plugin am dedicated to Welcart-Commerce. Welcarte-Commerce Valid only when Available.

Fill in the template tag only you can change the price display.

When price_display_w enable The menu "Welcart Shop" The "price Display Change" Are added.





[1]Specifications we did a big change.

[2]It was compliant with the more welcart.

[3]It was supported wordpress 4.4 and welcart1.6.3.




[1]Changed the formula for sales tax.

[2]Although it had been initialized and enabled I have changed so that it is not initialized.

Installation 「設置方法」------



[1]Upload the entire `price-display-w` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.

[2]Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

How to use 「使用方法」------

定価 (通常価格)・・・<?php cprice_view_change_usces();?>


売価 (販売価格)・・・<?php price_view_change_usces();?>


商品一覧 (販売価格)・・・<?php firstprice_view_change_usces();?>


カートページ・・・<?php cart_consumption_tax_display();?>


<th colspan="2">&nbsp;【テンプレートタグ】</th>  ←ここに記述する事をお勧めします。



List price (Usual price)・・・<?php cprice_view_change_usces();?>

Please use the product detail page.

Sell (Selling price)・・・<?php price_view_change_usces();?>

Please use the product detail page.

Product List (Selling price)・・・<?php firstprice_view_change_usces();?>

The Home and other If you want to display the Product List Please use it.

Cart Page・・・<?php cart_consumption_tax_display();?>


<th colspan="2">&nbsp;【Template tag】</th>  ←It is recommended that you write here.

You can change the notation of the price.

You can select whether the representation is "$", or the notation "USD".

Setting 「設定方法」------

Welcart Shop→基本設定→
「消費税表示」 「消費税区分」 「消費税対象」 「消費税率」 「税計算方法」


税込に設定した場合、価格は変更されず内税が表示されます。※例) ¥1,000(内税:¥47)
税別に設定した場合、価格が変更され内税が表示されます。※例) ¥1,050(内税:¥50)




Welcart Shop→[General Setting]→
「Tax display」 「Tax treatment」 「Tax target」 「Percentage of Consumption tax」 「method of Calculation of the tax」

If you choose not to display in the 『Tax display』, it does not appear.

『Tax treatment』

If set to tax, the price will be displayed tax unchanged.  *Usually $100 (Tax included:$4)

If set to tax, it will be the price displayed is changed within the tax.  *Usually $104 (Tax included:$4)

If you select the total total amount of money in the 『Tax target』, and if you have set up a dedicated template tag below cart,you may receive the 『other than the commodity price also requires consumption tax』.

Tax rate that you enter in the 『Percentage of Consumption tax』 will be reflected.

Calculation method that you select in the 『method of Calculation of the tax』 will be reflected.